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Party & Group Rates

Stone Age Rock Gym offers 2 options for indoor rock climbing birthday parties. For ages 6 and older we would be happy to provide counselors to facilitate the climbing, see Option 1. For ages 13 and older, we offer a class so the participants can manage the ropes for each other without counselors, see Option 2.

Option 1: Parties and groups for ages 6 to adult

Make your Online Reservation (Option 1), CLICK HERE

Book a 2-hour climbing party for your next birthday bash! We provide technical climbing gear, like harnesses and shoes, for the climbers in addition to climbing counselors to control the ropes. Climbers will benefit from an enhanced experience that comes from having experienced counselors that give both instruction and encouragement. Climbers may also use the clip-n-climb auto belays with the assistance of counselors and adults. Some climbers might choose climb un-roped in our bouldering cave with a low ceiling and padded floor.

If you're hosting a party, an additional ½ hour is available for food and gifts! We have a picnic table in a loft overlooking the main climbing area, reserved for your party. You are welcome to set up food and party favors (there are several pizza delivery services in the area). Please hold all food until after the climbing. Call (860) 645 - 0015 or make your reservations online.


Option 2: Parties and groups for ages 13 to adult

Make your Online Reservation (Option 2), CLICK HERE

We will instruct the participants on controlling the ropes for each other (belaying). Climbing time is unlimited (until we close at 10 p.m.) This option allows more control and direct participation in all aspects of the climbing activity by the participants. Day pass, gear rentals, safety/belay lesson included.

Please call (860) 645 - 0015 to make your reservation or book online.

Each climber needs to complete a Visitor/Participant Agreement form, which must be signed by his or her parent/legal guardian and submitted on or before the day of the event. Climbers and spectators under age 18 MUST have a parent/legal guardian’s signature on the "Visitor & Participant Agreement" form.

We would love to have your group of climbers at the Stone Age Rock Gym!

Option 1 - We will schedule a 2 hour climbing event with experienced instructors to control the ropes, climbing gear included. We require 2 weeks notice and a deposit (M/C & Visa accepted by phone.) Your deposit covers 8 participants, but you may book additional participants and settle your account on the day of your event. Additional discounts are available to groups with more than 20 climbers, please call for this special pricing (Note: This package can be used for any age group.)

Book Online Group Option 1, (deposit is the same regardless of group size.)

Option 2 - For groups with participants age 13+ we offer knot/belay lessons, which allows the climbers to work directly with each other, without counselors. This package includes day pass, gear rental, and knot/belay top rope course. Climbing time is unlimited on the day of the lesson! Your deposit covers 4 climbers; there is a maximum of 10 participants.

Book Online Group Option 2, (deposit is the same regardless of group size.)

Option 3 - Groups with their own counselors can schedule a climbing session of any length. The deposit covers up to 10 climbers and includes gear rentals for each participant. IF the group desires to qualify for this special rate and needs to have counselors trained to belay, the knot/belay lesson can be obtained any day before the scheduled event.

Book Online Group Option 3, (deposit is the same regardless of group size.)

Outdoor - For groups (minimum age 13) we offer a 4 hour rock climbing trip outdoors with our certified guides. The event includes safety/belay training and climbing gear rentals. We require 2 weeks notice and a deposit. Your deposit will cover up to 10 participants. Please plan clothing choices appropriate to the weather. Bring food and 2 liters of water for each participant.

Book Online Group Outdoor Climbing, (deposit is the same regardless of group size.)

Each climber needs to complete a Visitor/Participant Agreement form. You MUST have a parent/legal guardian sign your form if under the age of 18. Please call to reserve your time slot or with any additional questions.

Call now with any questions and to schedule your group!

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